Eagle County, Colorado

Second Chance with Saving Grace Nonprofit

Second Chance with Saving Grace (SCwSG) is a nonprofit that helps hurting people and animals through outreach programs, written and spoken word and by sending Love Kits to those in need.

Their top outreach programs include:

  • The foster/adoption home in Eagle, Colorado run by the founders Dr. Diane and Paul DIke
  • The world’s first Cryoglobulinemia Vasculitis Organization that educates, encourages and increases awareness for the rare blood disease, cryoglobulinemia. The group is a safe place for caregivers, medical professionals, patients and people with health challenges of all types to find help, hope, support and information.
  • The Second Chance Thrifty/Trade Shoppe is a place to recycle products of all types. Families helping Families by bringing in a bag of what you don’t need and leaving with a bag of what you do.

SCwSG is an all volunteer team impacting lives by educating, encouraging and enriching lives.

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