Eagle County, Colorado

Eagle Valley Land Trust

EVLT Text on RightAt the Eagle Valley Land Trust, we are preserving the character of our community one acre at a time.  In the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, our community is a special place with unique and unparalleled natural beauty and natural resources.  Your local Land Trust endeavors to conserve and protect our natural spaces and special places… forever.

Open space conservation in our community connects people to the land.  The Eagle Valley Land Trust saves and protects our local land for our people – our families, neighbors, homeowners, businesses, ranchers, sportsmen, tourists and guests.  Your local Land Trust provides outdoor experiences, emotional connections and economic benefits to the people of Eagle County… forever.

Supporting local lands and open spaces protects our lush valleys, purple mountain majesties, waterways and wildlife.  Our conservation work has a lasting impact on scenic view sheds and helps save our Colorado landscape and Western heritage for the benefit of our entire community… forever.

Local land conservation protects the recreational values, outdoor experiences and sporting opportunities that drive the local economy.  Our beautiful local lands are places for people… hunters and fishermen, bikers and hikers, ranchers and cowboys, snowshoers and skiers, bird watchers and boaters.  Your local Land Trust protects the open spaces and wild places that supply outdoor recreational opportunities and fuel our local economy… forever.

Investment in open space and land conservation allows us to preserve a mountain legacy for ourselves, our kids and grandkids.  Saving our Colorado landscapes and waterways will guarantee the quality of life we enjoy today will remain unspoiled for tomorrow.  The great outdoors, the exhilaration and the emotional feeling we all experience in the nature that surrounds us… this is worth protecting for future generations… forever.

Your local Land Trust has been recognized for our leadership of local conservation by numerous organizations over our 30 year history.  In 2000 we were honored by the Eagle County Soil Conservation District for our “numerous contributions to the field of soil and water conservation”.  In 2012 we received the Jane Silverstein Ries Award for our “pioneering sense of awareness and stewardship of land use values in the Rocky Mountain region”.  And we have twice been named the “Small Non Profit of the Year” by the Vail Valley Partnership, most recently in 2012.  These honors prove that when we make a promise to land owners and our community, it truly is… forever.


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