Eagle County, Colorado

Fund Management

In addition to acting as the non-profit fiscal agent for funds contributed to Our Community Foundations, the WCCF also provides fund management services for families and organizations that establish independent legacy organizations. WCCF currently manages over 250 regional donor funds having a total of nearly $50 million in total assets. WCCF manages 8 regional funds that support local Eagle County programs, including:

  • Peter Bergh Fund
  • Bruce Dixson Fund
  • Laura Genelin Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Mount of the Holy Cross Church Fund
  • Radamus Family Fund
  • Faye Shofner Tally Scholarship Fund
  • WCCF Community Grants Fund

As a regional foundation, WCCF has the longevity, governance, administrative capabilities, and legal oversight to manage endowments established for the benefit of the Eagle County community. WCCF offers eight types of funds providing maximum flexibility for donors to achieve their philanthropic goals. All required legal, tax and administrative requirements are handled by WCCF on behalf of the donor.

We are truly grateful to Western Colorado Community Foundation for their partnership.

To learn more about the WCCF and their fund management capabilities, please visit their website here or call Anne Wenzel, Executive Director, at 970-243-3767.