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Our Work and Approach

We seek to maximize the impact of our donors’ investments. We do this by managing three approaches to our investment in the community:
grant advisory and implementation, existing project management and new program development and incubation.

New Program Development and Incubation

Donors may make unrestricted gifts to OCF to be invested at the discretion of the OCF Board of Directors. We focus on reducing hunger, early childhood programs and wellness to improve quality of life in the Eagle River Valley. New programs include the Eagle River Valley Food Bank, elimination of school lunch debt, early childhood educator certification scholarships and new childcare facilities at CMC as well as programs to support military veterans.

Food Bank
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Grant Advisory and Implementation

We help donors make targeted investments in nonprofits that are doing work related to the donor’s passion.

OCF partners with individuals, families, or grantors with a field of interest to advise them in strategic ways in investing in existing programs and developing new programs.

For Example

A $100,000 grant was made to OCF by an anonymous local family to reduce hunger in our valley.

OCF worked with several local organizations to use that funding to prioritize and increase the capacity and impact of their work. OCF created two new programs that complement existing work in fighting local hunger. This family understands our hands-on approach to investing their funds.

Existing Project Management

OCF may manage or help to manage existing national or community programs that are consistent with our mission.

Non-Profit Collaboration and Communication

For several years, our great friend Beth Slifer has arranged and hosted a periodic gathering local non-profit leadership to foster communication, collaboration and understanding. OCF is pleased to join Beth as a co-sponsor of this bi-annual event.

The gathering of local non-profit leaders is funded by Beth Slifer and OCF Founding Families.


If you’re interested in making more possible in the Eagle River Valley contact us!
Susie Davis, Director of Community Impact
Email | 970-977-1093