Eagle County, Colorado

Types of Gifts

Unrestricted Gifts

Our community’s needs change over time. To ensure Our Community Foundation is responsive to those changes, donors can designate their donation as “unrestricted.”   The Board of Directors of OCF will then direct the donation to have the greatest impact on the local community.

Designated Gifts

If donors have specific, local, non-profit organizations that are in our network of qualified organizations, they can designate the percentage of the donation that is to be directed to each of these nonprofit organizations.

Field of Interest Gifts

Donors can direct their gift to an area of the community that they value or hold a personal interest in by making a “field of interest” gift. Whether the donor wants to support education, the environment, children, reduce hunger or a particular geographic area, OCF can work with the donor to direct their funds to the organizations with the most impact in the specific field of interest.

Not sure what type of gift is right for you?

Contact us and we’ll help you understand your options. We look forward to helping you, help your community.