Eagle County, Colorado

Vail Valley Charitable Fund

Providing assistance to individuals who live and work in Eagle County who are experiencing a financial hardship due to a medical crisis or long-term illness

Formed in 1996 as a Colorado 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Vail Valley Charitable Fund’s goals are to continue to raise funds by events, grants, and corporate and individual donations, raise community awareness, engage more volunteers in this worthwhile cause, and continue to help people in need in the community.

It may seem odd for a non-profit organization to define their success in financial terms.  However, the financial performance of the VVCF is directly tied to the amount of aid that we can provide to those in need.  With less than 15% of our income used to pay administrative expenses, VVCF’s total focus is on the monetary relief that we can provide to others.

Funds are raised and distributed to directly offset the expenses involved with injuries sustained in a serious car accident; several individuals battling cancer; intensive care for a severely premature infant; recuperation from heart attack and stroke; and much more.

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