Eagle County, Colorado

Castle Peak Assisted Living by Augustana Care

You love living in this beautiful valley but have seen too many friends or family members move away to find the care and support they needed as they grew older. Now, you and your loved ones can enjoy a brighter future in the mountains you love at Castle Peak.

Offering new, exciting choices to Eagle County, Castle Peak is centrally located in the
town of Eagle. You’ll find well-appointed residences, reassuring services and exceptional amenities for carefree living now—and health care to support you into the future. Living options include assisted living apartments with the conveniences, services, and health and personal care you need to maintain your highest level of independence.

Our memory care center is specially designed for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia or memory loss. Our rehabilitation center provides a short-term, skilled nursing bridge after illness or hospitalization, giving you time and therapy to regain your best health and return home. Reassuring long-term skilled nursing care offers a compassionate environment for those with chronic or medically complex needs, and for hospice care.

We look forward to meeting you! Please call us for your personal appointment and to learn more. 970-989-2500taylors-dining-room

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